A couple of my favorite snaps of van and mason from a few rolls that was recently developed from @thefindlab

Funny video for a great camera app, Manual. Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/manual-custom-exposure-camera/id917146276?ls=1&mt=8


Sneak peek at Tuesday’s keynote


Sneak peek at Tuesday’s keynote


Quartz Composer sketch of an edge to edge screen phone that uses front cameras to simulate transparency. Responsive star theme background. 

A baby boomer covets a car.

A teen only needs transportation.

A baby boomer needs to own.

A teen only needs access.

Lefsetz (via brycedotvc)
Album Art


Time Forgot — Conor Oberst

The new Conor Oberst record is on heavy rotation in our house. An instant classic. 

ArtistConor Oberst
TitleTime Forgot
AlbumUpside Down Mountain (2014)